enagic & the kangen Kingdom overview:

Enagic is a global company and that was honestly one of the biggest draws for me. As someone who has always enjoyed traveling and keeping my options open career-wise, Enagic provided the type of working environment I was looking for. Their mission also supports my own mission to help protect the environment and be greener. In addition, their devotion to marketer success and their compensation plan are unparalleled in the business of digital marketing. There are no minimum quotas, no losing rank, no auto-ships, and absolutely no risk when it comes to becoming part of the Enagic family. Once you're in, you're in. We don't care if you choose to market the product or if you just want the machine for the health benefits. You'll be part of our family either way. 



So, what family is that you're probably wondering? 



There are many groups around the world that are all a part of Enagic. My group is Kangen Kingdom NZ, a fabulous team of Kangen Water lovers based out of New Zealand and the Eastern Coast of Australia, slowing moving into the continental U.S.A. It's our mission to provide clean, healthy Kangen Water to people around the world, and I'm delighted to be leading the fight here in the U.S.!!  

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