I’m Yolonda, the flight-risk writer behind Official Wayfaring Writer and the Wayfaring Writer On a Journey brand. A long-standing bookworm and writer with a passion for brilliant books, photography that tells a story, a laid-back lifestyle, and spreading awareness about ecotourism through my extreme love for travel, I wanted to create a blog that would combine all my passions in a way that can make a real difference in people's lives. 


My goal: To inspire you to live your best life as a writer by using the tool of travel, which for me has always stirred creative inspiration, as you take trips that'll take you #BeyondTheWritingProject and offer active exploration, unexpected adventures, and transformative experiences all while helping you build an exciting platform as an influential writer. Best of all, I aim to provide writers the tools they need to be successful whether they love to travel as much as I do or not. All of my eBooks, PDF guides, checklists, and courses were designed to elevate and educate writers, to aid them in building their careers regardless of niche. 




I'm glad you're here,

Yolonda Kay